How to Help?

See below for ideas on how to help ensure that the Internet shows a fair & balanced view of Mormonism. The actual history of Mormonism is fascinating and the details should be known to all Latter-day Saints and not hidden away.



Sharing Youtube videos and DVDs that discuss true, LDS Church history is a great way to spread the truth.



There are many great websites that provide the full truth about Mormonism's exciting beginnings.



Podcasts can be a great way to learn about little-known issues surrounding the LDS Church.



The LDS Church (Mormon) is spending a lot of money by trying to ensure that virtually any web search for Mormon-related terms results in having websites controlled by the LDS Church dominate the first few pages of the search. They pay Google and other search engines to have paid advertisements appear at the top of any search that has anything at all to do with Mormonism. Also, several naive, wealthy Latter-day Saint businessmen have actually started an organization (MoreGoodFoundation) funded with many hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy up hundreds and hundreds of websites for the sole purpose of pushing down any site that might show the uncomfortable truths of Mormonism that they don't want you to see.

Update on the MoreGood Foundation: On the MGF website it clearly states:

"How is the Foundation Funded?
While the Foundation is fully supportive of the Church and its mission, it is not directed by or funded through the Church; no Church funds are used for the Foundation. Our funds come through the good graces of individual donors who are interested in seeing us fulfill our goals and make a positive difference with LDS information.”

Yet, according to the website, the LDS Church has funneled $450,000 over the last 3 years to the MoreGood Foundation (MGF) which in turn donates funds to FAIR and pays the salaries of other apologists working for the MGF.

Read the insightful blog by Mormon Disclosures


Fortunately the Internet is too big for anyone to control but we can do things to help keep the Internet free and allow members of the LDS Church and prospective converts to see all the hidden information about the Mormon Church so they can make an informed decision regarding it.


Here's what you can do.



if you have a blog or website or even a FaceBook Page, please add links to websites that have truthful information about the LDS Church. This will increase the web search rankings of those sites so when people research a topic like polygamy, they don't get misleading LDS sites that try to justify it with falsehoods like there were more women than men or that it was legal in the 1800s or that deny that Joseph married teenage girls and 11 women that already had husbands, etc.

It's best to link to the most popular Mormon-themed websites that discuss Mormonism from a complete truthful standpoint without hiding anything. Here's our list of the Top 10 websites to link to:

Informational Sites


Richard Packham's HomePage

Rethinking Mormonism

Utah Lighthouse Ministry



Mormon Stories

Mormon Expression


Discussion Sites

Recovery from Mormonism


Mormon Discussions

Life after Mormonism



We recommend linking to this video as well as emailing it to people you think might be interested in viewing it. It provides a good summary of the top issues.

Link to Top 10 Mormon Problems Explained



Many news articles on the Internet, such as Huffington Post or NY Times articles, allow you to add comments. By looking at the comments, you can see that there is a lot of misinformation on Mormonism. If there is a Mormon-related story, considering adding a quick comment to correct the information and add one of the above websites or youtube videos for people to find out the whole truth instead of just the Church-slanted one.

Occupy the Net

There is an organized effort to help leverage the growing number of disaffiliated Mormons in helping to spread the word about the truth of the Mormon history. This group will send an email to anyone interested whenever they find a LDS-related news story that welcomes comments. Participants are encouraged to tell the real side of the story and to include website links to Mormon-related websites (like those mentioned above) that will give the true history of Mormonism. Please send an email to to receive email alerts.



A reader posted on one of the Mormon message boards that he first found about about the hidden, disturbing information about the church in a novel way. Someone had named their wireless network 'WWW.MORMONTHINK.COM' so anyone in range would see that name when they were accessing wireless networks. That prompted them to look up MormonThink on the web. Story on Reddit



Some pro-truth groups like LifeAfterMormonism, Ex-Mormon Foundation and Reddit Ex-Mo groups have done various campaigns to have carefully selected ads to pro-truth websites placed on Facebook as well as buying ads that direct people to certain pro-truth websites when certain keywords are searched. Here's an article discussing one groups efforts: Exmormon donations for ads



Another reader makes pass-along cards which she hands out to missionaries and others. They are similar to the church's cards but simply have a name of one of the pro-truth websites on it. Another activist makes bumper stickers that say '' on them and gives them away at the Ex-Mormon Conference. MormonThink has its own pass-along card formats available for download: MormonThink Pass-it-on cards



It helps the pro-truth websites whenever you search for a term like 'Book of Abraham', 'Kinderhook Plates', 'Book of Mormon problems', etc. to search for these terms and then click on a pro-truth website like ''. Some readers instead of logging right on to a Mormon discussion site will instead google something like 'Mormon polygamy' and then click on a site like MormonThink and then go to MormonThink's list of links to then click on the discussion site (like instead of just going to in the first place. This extra step helps the pro-truth sites in their search rankings. it's helpful to change the search terms and to use different logon devices and web hosting services as well.


There's no shortage of creative ways to share the complete truth of the gospel. Please email us what has worked for you.